Pew sheet 3rd April - Easter 2                 All Saints’ Wrington; Christ Church, Redhill; St Michael’s, Butcombe;                  Holy Trinity, Burrington
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All Saints’ Church
Rector: Rev Nicholas Maddock,
The Rectory,
3, Albury's,
North Somerset, BS40 5NZ
01934 - 862201
M:07735 501659
Assistant Priest:
with responsibility for
Christ Church, Redhill
Revd Andrew Hemming
Eleuthera, Garston Lane,
Blagdon, BS40 7TF
M: 07584-124198
Readers: Mrs Angela Smythe
Francis Montagu
01761 - 462601
01934 - 862626
Pastoral Visitors' Administrator Gill Whiting 01934 861294
Church Office
Tuesday - Friday only 9am -12 noon
Tel: 01934-861294 - E-mail:
All Saints', Wrington
Holy Trinity, Burrington
St Michael's, Butcombe
Margaret Barker         01934-862435
Fiona Densham                    862327
John Dixon                   01934-853423
John Lee                      01761-462243
Jane Pemberton           01275 472213
Chapelwardens Redhill:
Deirdre Taylor               01934862080
Graham Fiddler                       863023
ALL SAINTS' YOUNG PEOPLE AND CHILDREN Children's corner available with toys, books, &c. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Edward Bear Club (pre school) meets in church every Friday at 2pm. except during August ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Coffee is available in church after the service ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bookshop All Saints’ has a frequent bookshop in church after the 9.30am service and a stall at the Farmers’ Market 10% of sales go to All Saints’ Books are supplied by Life Bookshop in Weston-super-Mare and orders can be taken. Buglers in Wrington is selling second hand paperbacks in aid of All Saints’ Sam is very happy to receive books to sell. Please support both initiatives ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Please note: if you suspect a service might have to be cancelled due to the weather, a message will be left on the Church Office answerphone.
In our prayers - unwell and recovering Doreen Ayad, Sheila Budge, Graham & Jenny Berry,  Kellie Gifford, Marion Grimes, Monique Hillman, Jane Hosegood, Margaret Norris, Sylvia Smeed, Dick Spring, Jenny Tarr, Simon Thorn, Jackie  Outside the Benefice: Harry Banks, Yvonne Holland, Shirley Kite, Simon May, Ruth O’Connor, Lindsay Wilkins, Helen Williams, Ellie, Kyle and all confined to their homes or nursing home and their carers                                                                                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                                                      In our prayers - departed                                                                                                ~  ~ ~ ~ ~                                                                    In our prayers - year’s mind Stanley Bryant, Mary Hardwick, Sarah Reynolds, Amy Warford, Cynthia Mussett, Liam Rockliffe, Lynette Bruce-Walker, Zara Dixon, Sidney Kingcott, Lucinda Cook, Alison Lord, Audrey Collen, Phyllis Brean, Tony Vaughan, Bill Atchley, Ivy Cox                                                                                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                                                           Also in our prayers Olúwakémi  Adéwčmímó  Abánishe & Olúwamáyňkún  Bámidélé  Adétňrň married last Monday, & all preparing for marriage; Georgina Dixon being baptised next Sunday, her parents and Godparents; We ask God’s blessing on our school teachers, staff and pupils as they begin their Easter holiday.  May they all enjoy rest and refreshment; Christ Church Annual Meeting taking place this Wednesday, giving thanks for all that has been achieved this year and praying for the year to come; all homeless and refugee families and children, and those working with them;                                                                                               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                                                                   NOTICES  The Rector is off duty to Friday 8 April.  Share the Jazz Worship, with refreshments, tonight (Sunday) – 7pm at St Mary’s, Langford     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  If you know of anyone who would wish to be added to the prayer list or who would appreciate being visited for Home Communion, please contact the Rector, the Revd Andrew Hemming, or a Churchwarden. Our team of Pastoral Visitors is always available for anyone in our four parishes who needs a visit - please contact the Leader or any of the Ministry Team                                                                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                                               Common Worship Daily Morning Prayer                                                                                                 Yesterday                                                                                                    Today                                                                                                 Tomorrow  Daily Prayer provided by the official Church of England web site, © The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2002-2004. Collect & Readings Collect & Readings Collect & Readings Collect & Readings

Sunday 3rd April - Easter 2
Readings: Acts 5.27-32; Revelation 1.4-8; John 20.19-end
All Saints' 8am
Holy Communion
Revd Andrew Hemming
Richard Thorn
Christ Church 10am
United Benefice Parish Communion Revd Andrew Hemming
Holy Trinity .
St Michael's 9am
Xplore@Butcombe .
Week beginning 4th April
8-9pm Going Deeper with God - an exploration of prayer in the Christian tradition - Reading Room. All are welcome
Revd David Heslop
Tuesday 10am
Holy Communion Revd Tom Ekin
Wednesday 7.30pm
Christ Church APCM .
. .
Holy Communion
Edward Bear Club
Revd Andrew Hemming
Morning prayers
Sunday 10th April - Easter 3
Readings: Acts 9.1-6; Revelation 5.11-14; John 21.1-19
All Saints' 9.30am
Parish Communion + Holy Baptism: Georgina Dixon
Rector/Francis Montagu
Christ Church 11am
Parish Communion Revd Andrew Hemming
Holy Trinity 8am
Holy Communion [BCP]
Preb John Hayward
St Michael's 11.15am
Parish Communion Rector